Silicones is the first point of call when your think of cutting down on electricity bills and optimizing the use of electricity in your company.
In this era of energy crises within the country, it has become very necessary for everybody to think again when it comes to energy conservation software which is capable of saving you up to 25% of your monthly electrical bills. This software is a combination of capacitor banks and microchip controlled software. It has the ability to regulate voltage, correct harmonics, and reduces heating of your cables.

power saver installationThis revolutionary software works in all structures including factories, hospitals, offices and all buildings that make use of electric power in their daily activities. Energy Conservation is a shared responsibility between us the power consumers and the power producers. It is therefore your responsibility of a power consumer to conserve power the best way possible. And we believe that by installing one of our devices, you will go a long way to help producers save the much needed resources for the production.

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