ECG Roman Ridge, Accra

In this era of competition in all aspect of service delivery, excellent Customer Service is the sure way to keep, maintain and attract new customers to your business. You can only do this by caring about what your customer think about your service delivery. Customers are very particular about the service you provide for them and the amount of time they spend at your office being offered those services.

Silicones Global Solutions provides you with ideal way to make your customers comfortable whiles waiting to be served.

Our Queue Management System provides your customers with a ticket immediately they enter into your premise. They then sit down comfortably waiting to be served by your able agents. Our System makes sure that agents are always engaged with customers and prevents them from being idle.

Our system provides a real-time monitoring and reporting feature for supervisors and managers, keeping them up-to-date with how customer service representatives are carrying out their respective duties.

The days of making customers stand in a long queues are over

You are welcome to visit any of our many installations around the country, especially in many of the ECG offices and Ghana Water Company within Accra.